My name is Ivo Cardoso, i am 33 years old, and im placed in the north of Portugal, Porto. Photography has been accompanying me for about 7 years now, even though it may be in the process of maturation, photography has always been a way of expressing myself. On the one hand, I am attracted to the instantaneous side of Photography, “moment and perception”, “shooting”, and levity brings me the satisfaction of collecting images, whether they are important or not. On the other hand, our relationship with life and death, the exuberance of the unknown or themes of social criticism, are themes that I can develop, always taking into account the conceptuality and experimentation that the project can have in creating the image . I completed the Professional Photography Course at Instituto Português, where I got an internship as a studio and post-production assistant at Waat Studio, in Porto. And currently I’m collaborating as a post-production assistant with Aly Studio.

album cover “the japanese girl”
exhibition porto photo fest 2019